Passport Photographs North Wales


At the studio on the high street in Rhuddlan we are regularly asked if we Photograph Passports. The answer is yes we do on a regular basis, as the requirements for passports, are quite Regulus in want the passport office wants now. So with so we regularly have phone call from people wanting Passports. living in near by towns and villages in Denbighshire and some from Flintshire and Conway.

All you have to do is either pop into the studio making a phone call and make an appointment to have your passport photograph taken this can be in the daytime or evening, weekends and more difficult as we are photographing weddings on most of them. Passport Aled 3We are also quite often asked if we can photograph children because they need passports if you are not too sure please go to this link here. And have a feed on the requirements of ages and what is needed to have photograph taken.

please click here and see what passport office say

When you come into the studio and have your passport photograph taken I am afraid it will not be and awarding image of you as the passport office are quite strict in what they want us to do for you photograph. And we have to abide to the rules and regulations, in the density in the image of background, and the size of face has to be correct,  and they are very strict place. After the passport photograph has been taken they will be ready for the following day, as it takes time to set the image pick the right one and print it out to the standard they require.

Passport Aled 1 The charge for having a passport photograph taken with us is £12 for six images on the photographic paper.

Passport Aled 2

We also offer a off site Passport Sitting that i come to the home Photograph You There. This ideal for people that are unable to travel to the Studio to have there Passport taken.

The charge for this service is £25.00 Which still includes Six images for you to send in and keep some back for other needs.

If you do need any our services for passport photographs please contact us on.


Studio Number 01745 590025.