Passport In Rhuddlan

Passports In Rhuddlan And Rround North Wales


Aled Photographs on a regular basis in the studio 

Last couple months we’ve had quite a few families wanting passports of them, to the new role passport all new ones.

As they are going on holiday. But also won photographs of their children so they can have their passports to take with them, as the government changed old regulations on this while back.

We find much easier to come to the studio and have this done as many of them plus the story of trying to have children taken into the booths, even child is looking the wrong way or mom is ahead in the picture or arm all causing stress for them.

So when mums and dads phone up and ask how much is it for a passport photograph to be taken, and the reply we give them that it is £10 for six images on one piece of  paper. They replied quite often is I wish I would of known about that before they had tried to have their children photographed in the booths with all stress.

My answer to this is just pop in to the studio will have a photograph of them check it all sizes properly and it will be ready for them the next day.

As when I am photographing passports I just don’t only take one image I will take to clear from to make sure I have the correct one of his right for the passport regulations. It is lovely to see mums and dads the following day when we pick the images and say it is a nice feeling to know all they have to do now is send the images of the passport office.

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