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Family Photographs Aled


Your experience is vital to us at Aled Oldfield Photography. Aled knows that having your photographs taken is not everyone’s most enjoyable experience. That’s why we aim to make you feel relaxed and enjoy your family portrait session from start to finish. When my 30 years of experience in photographing family’s in the Studio or Outside in the Welsh and Cheshire country side or by the Seaside on the beach having fun.Family Photo Aled Oldfield 08
As one of the Premier Portrait Photographers in North Wales Aled and Denise (Denise is Aled’s Wife for over 30 years and works with him). There goals are to create beautiful portraits of you, and your family and even your pets are welcome to the Studio at Rhuddlan. Which you can then display with a range of unique products carefully chosen to enhance and enrich your portraits. And enjoy for a life time. 

Family Photographs Aled

Once you book your portrait session with use, we will send you a little information on styles of portraits we shoot and give some ideas of clothing to wear. It mostly depends on the photo shoot is it a formal one or a relaxed one with the family.
Consultation Call: A few days before your portrait session, with Aled or Denise will give you a call to discuss ideas, go over which styles you prefer and give you help and advice with clothes and Makeup for the ladies. This is a great opportunity to find out who is shy, your kids’ favorite toys, characters and noises, so we can interact with them accordingly and get the best expressions for you. Children can bring their own toys.
Your Portrait Experience lasts about an hour. Or some times less if you have young children, as their tension span is leas then adult’s. During this time, you can have changes of clothes and choose from a mixture of styles. We will capture a variety of images for you so that you have plenty to choose from. At the Studio there is a private changing room for and the family.
Your Ordering This Appointment. is usually a week later? This allows Aled to edit the images to a professional style and also do on some photographs covert them to a Black and White image. Which Aled has won awards with over the years. The ordering appointment usually lasts about an hour. Aled or Denise will be there with you to help you your choice size of your photographs for your walls or a Portrait Album Aled Designs for you. And we can give you guidance on what will suit your home if needed. A modern or traditional frame.

Mum and Dad with Baby


Will there ever be the perfect time? For a family photograph. Perhaps you’ll put it off a little while as you need to lose weight, grow your hair, your child can start walking, possibly you’ll have another baby…. then before you know it your children are turning 18 years old and getting ready to leave home…and you’ll sit there thinking “where has all the time gone?”. Myself and Denise know as our family is now in their early 30’s and we both think where has the time gone. I know we are professional photographer and you would expect us to have lots of family photographs starting from are wedding day and up to now. But the ones we cherish the most are the photographs taken in their younger years with them and are parents on both sides main and Denise. Which we lost in are early twenties and thirties. We are just like everyone else put it off and wish we had taken more of the family together and even more as our Son when he was in his teens, 20’s and now turn 30’s. So we understand life gets in the way.
But Photographing Family Through The Years Lasts A Life Time…..
Life Time Of Memories.

Aled Oldfield Family Photographes


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