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Aled Oldfield New Born 2 Weeks



Aled Oldfield Photography studio is based in North Wales, in the historic town of Rhuddlan. Which is home to a medieval castle built in the 13th century. Which at any time is worth reading up on its history, and finding out how they played in our Welsh heritage. And its a nice place to take the family for a day out, as it many of are castle in north wales.


The studio can be found on the main high Street in Rhuddlan. where you can, have your family portraits taken in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, what ever our Welsh weather throws at us. You’ll be welcomed with a warm and dry in our family friendly studio.

black-and-white photograph taken in Aled Oldfield studio

Photographing from newborns only a few days old. Then as they grow too school-age onto high school and finally university. And on occasions have come back for us to photograph their wedding day. And not forgetting mums and dads and grandparents.


Whether you have your portraits taken in our warm, dry studio or on a location in our beautiful Welsh countryside. From the lighthouse at the Talacre Beach, which is now well known, as lighthouse that we used in the Dulux paint advertised on TV. Also Rhyl or Llandudno, or even our own historical Rhuddlan Castle. Where we quite often take family portraits with the permission gained from the Castle itself.


family photograph by Aled Oldfield

Take a look at our portrait wall of photographs.


Mums to be photographed.


First school photograph in that first school uniform, a big step mums and dads to see.



And any family occasion it’s a great time to have that great together photograph.


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