About Aled

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Aled was born in December 1958, and spent his time as a child growing up in the village of  Llanamorn-yn-Ial in North Wales. With his family all living closely around him.

His passion for photography started, many found a old photographic enlarger, in his father’s workroom. When he started asking questions about it to his father Gwilym  Oldfield.  Aled found him self more fascinating, especially when his dad showed him how to use it.

From that day on wards Aled was fascinated photography, especially in black and white images in the early days, and the experience of seeing the images developing in front of his own eyes that he had photographed earlier on in the day.

At the age of 14, and when Aled was in the secondary school Bryhyfryd Ruthin or is now known as Ysgol Bryhyfryd . Both his chemistry teacher and his art teacher saw the potentially had. And got permission from Aled parents and the head teacher at the school.

That Aled could have one day a week working and learning in the real world with a professional photographer. This day took place on a Wednesday with a press photographer working for the Denbighshire free press. Aled enjoyed each of these days as we learned the pressure of press photography, having to frame the image quickly thinking fast also knowing that it offers exposures correct first time. And the excitement afterwards rushing back to the darkrooms pluses in the film he had shot and then put in the negative into the enlarger and producing a quality print so it go into the paper. After a few months doing this, I’m going to the free press every week. Newspaper editor and photographer give Aled a prestigious task that they felt he was up for it. This was printing all the images that have been taken the week for a two page article in the newspaper, also the photographs would be displayed in the main window on high Street of Denbigh so that the public can look at.

Aled Wittington Castle

When leaving school Aled was given a job as an apprentice photographer with a local company in Denbigh, which the company took on all sorts of photographing jobs, which was ideal for Aled’s training to become a professional photographer himself.

And at the age of 19, and passed his driving test he was then sent out by himself just to photographing weddings around North Wales and some times Chester.

Wedding photography was totally different than, all your photographs were shot on a large format camera using film. Each film only code shoot only 12 images on it. And in them days a wedding was only three rolls of film making it 36 photographs in the bride and grooms wedding album. And you are only allowed one roll of film for overshoot mistakes. Which taught Aled the craft of making every image count in lighting and exposure.

And even in today’s wedding photography, not shooting the film, the shooting with digital cameras and has been for the last 10 years. Aled keeps to the same principles of getting the images in camera.

Over the years Aled has been given a number of photographic awards, and achieved qualifications in the photographic trade that are recognised worldwide.

And in 2010 Aled and Denise celebrated, there 30th wedding anniversary with friends and family. And are now looking forward for their sons, Gwilym Oldfield 30th birthday in 2013.

35 Ruthin Aled Oldfield

These days Aled is as passionate about his photography as he was the many years back.

but with now his experience and knowledge of photographing many thousands of weddings.

He can advise and help today’s bride and groom’s with a confidence of his knowledge.and this is what they appreciate from him and Denise.

But now He works, with his wife Denise runing a successful photographic business. Working at the studio on the high Street of Rhuddlan. Denise also works with Aled on wedding days taking photographs, but friends and family and even bride and grooms don’t  realise she is doing this. And after the big day and the bridal couple come back into the studio to look at the proof book and take it away with them, they’re quite surprised on the different angles she has captured on the wedding day.